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What is GCC?
The Chamber is an action agency designed to meet community or area needs. It is a voluntary organization of individuals and businesses who band together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interests of a community or area. Among other things it is a civic clearinghouse, a public relations counselor, a legislative representative at the local, state and national levels of government, an information bureau and a research and promotion medium.

What Does GCC Do?
The variety of Chamber activities is virtually unlimited, depending on community needs, the desire and ability to meet those needs. It’s overall mission of community development is determined by the organization’s programs — it’s goal usually called a Program of Work, Blueprint for Action, Goals for Progress, Action Agenda or similar title.

How Does GCC Work?
Action groups — which are called standing committees — are the backbone of the Chamber. They are the units that accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives. The needs of the community and policies of the Chamber determine the kinds and number of these action groups.

Who Are GCC’s Members?
Any firm or individual sharing a common interest in community improvement is eligible for membership. Eligibility requirements are spelled out in the organization’s bylaws. Fees, subscription rates or dues are usually determined by the Board of Directors based on budgetary needs.

Who Pays For GCC?
Financed on a annual dues basis, the organization’s expenses are apportioned among its members consisting of firms and individuals. Chamber membership is an investment in the present and future of the firm’s, individual’s and the community’s welfare.

Who Runs GCC?
The organization is run by a Board of Directors, elected by Chamber members. The Board, serving without pay, sets the policies of the organization.


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